Storage Area Network

All networks generally include some form of storage. Traditional network storage was located inside, or directly connected to, individual file servers that were often scattered across workgroups throughout an organisation.

A storage area network, or SAN, is an integral part of modern business networking. It allows an entire office to access a single shared data repository, which enables collaboration, centralized email, file sharing, communication, scheduling, and other office-wide programs and services. Specific network data storage devices include servers, arrays, storage networking modules, fibre channel switches, host bus adapters and storage accessories. Connection provides all the products to build your company’s network storage solution from the ground up.

Our SAN devices include hardware from top global computing manufacturers HP, IBM, Overland Storage, and Fujitsu—among others. We offer a large variety of HP network data storage items accessories and modules such as servers, bus adapters, and SSDs, and switches. Our IBM storage area network devices consist of multiport host bus adapters, switch modules, fibre channel expansions, and expansion units for modular growth. We carry Overland Storage hardware that encompasses a wide range of modular server bundles for easy plug-and-play installation. And our Fujitsu SAN devices includes dual controller units, custom storage servers, and drive enclosures.

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